Limited edition scarves, made by artists & craftsmen. 100% bamboo and produced with care for the environment.

A scarf called June enjoys the sensation of the wind. It reminds her of her birthplace. Where mighty bamboo shoots bend in the wind yet never break. Where the radiant sun overlooks fields of green growth, so it can regrow, time and time again. The wind reminds her of the creative force that blows through the seasons as different artists from different backgrounds re-imagine her different patterns and styles. A scarf called June is made from bamboo which does not deplete the soil, nor leaves toxins in the ground and grows back after the harvest, just as nature intended perpetual cycles to flourish. A scarf called June likes where she comes from. And enjoys where she goes.

June is a brand that creates limited editions scarfs & shawls with artists and craftsmen, produced with care for the environment. This first June collection is made by Roxanne Dekkers (Illustrator), Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (Artist) and Jay Sunsmith (Designer). Every June is made out of 100% bamboo. You can order your June in the webshop and for more information, please contact our dealer. Enjoy!

Official June Dealer
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The Netherlands

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