Limited edition scarves, made by artists & craftsmen. 100% bamboo and produced with care for the environment.

My favourites

Roxanne Dekker

Scarf made from bamboo - only 1.000 pieces available

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Roxanne Dekker (1982) is an artist / illustrator who works with a youthful speed. Roxanne likes to show you her new shaped little worlds. She wants to tell you stories with her collages, paintings and drawings, but most of all she likes the effect of them on you. Beside her love for interesting faces,nature and colors, she also gets inspired by music (Roxanne is a parttime DJ group with her best friends,called the 'Pony Peaches'). With her latest project "My Favourites", Roxanne challenges herself by expressing her intuitive feelings with water and colours while listening to her favourite songs. So no explanation on paper in an illustrated way, but pure feelings..